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A German Bitcoin miner company, locksmiths and a kidnapping

Recently, a new company appeared on the German bitcoin scene. It's called YesMiners and claims to offer 10 TH/s and 20 TH/s miners.
Of course they take preorders and of course they want the money upfront via bank transfer or Bitcoin, both of which are non-reversible. There are also no photographs of ... anything, really. They have a sexy Photoshop of how a miner could theoretically look like, though.
So far, it looks like a run-of-the-mill scam. It becomes more interesting when you look at the owner of the company, one Volker Studier.
The name is linked to a company called Schlossheld GbR. The company is now called Schlossheld GmbH i.G., which looks like they re-formed an unlimited partnership into a limited-liability company - which would be a normal process. However, while Schlossheld purports to be a consumer advocate, it lost a lawsuit against a locksmith.
Their business model was simple: They called up locksmiths and asked them to submit to a test - which the locksmiths would have to pay for. If the locksmiths refused, they put them up on a website claiming they were "black sheep" and "not to be recommended". Classic extortion.
Now, it gets even better. According to the YesMiners imprint, the company responsible is one PYC Pylon Consulting GmbH. On their website, they link back to YesMiners, as well as some vague text about what they do.
Digging deeper, a "V. Studier" is the CEO of a Pylon Quality Management GmbH & Co. KG which has a similar logo and the same address. On their "Persons" page, they list a Volker Studier born in 1964. The very exhaustive "About" page claims they do "any kind of troubleshooting".
Now, there's an article from January 7th, 1999 floating around about the kidnapping of a millionaire's son for ransom. It contains the sentence
Das Hamburger Landgericht verhängte am Mittwoch acht Jahre Gefängnis gegen den 34 Jahre alten Angeklagten Volker Studier, der seinen damaligen Bekannten Janssen im Juni 1998 in die Falle gelockt hatte.
which translates to:
The Hamburg district court sentenced defendant Volker Studier, 34 years old, to eight years in prison. He lured his acquaintance Janssen [the guy who got kidnapped] into the trap in June 1998.
Did you do the math? 1999 (the year from which the article is from) minus 34 is 1965. Since the article is from January 7th, he likely did not have his birthday already, which would mean this Volker Studier's birthyear would be 1964.
Is this proof of anything? Of course not. Maybe it's a coincidence, or maybe it's identity theft. But I think it's interesting enough to warrant a post.
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When they ship those Yesminers since last week they need to arrive anywhere... Someone received one yet?

As you all know Yesminer is shipping their M10 and M20 super Bitcoin miner since last week. A lot of people might think:"When they ship those miners they need to arrive anywhere." But if we don't see any pictures how can we trust?
So the question is: Did someone receive miners yet? Would be great if you could show us some details or photos :)
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